About Us

“Seeing Nile Cruises docking and waiting for the British Swing-Bridge in my home town ,Sohag, to open so the Nile Cruises will continue cruising to Luxor, with many tourists of different nationalities coming out of the cruise, taking pictures with us, having a little talk with them practicing my English language,  exchanging mail addresses before email-age, has shaped my future career since I was in High School, that I always wanted to work as an Egyptologist tour guide, I am very fortunate that I have studied what I wanted and works the profession that I LOVE, Travel & work with travelers has removed the boundaries and made me an international Citizen”  Said Romani Gaballa, founder & director of Egyptian Educational Travel.


FOUNDER: Egyptian Educational Travel, EET was founded by Romani Gaballa, Who is a graduate of the College of Tourism & Hotel management in 1993 with a Bachelor Degree in Egyptology, followed by Post-Graduate Studies in Coptic Archaeology and Tour Operating and business administration. His great passion for history and other cultures has been his guide to pick his career in Travel, Romani Gaballa is a certified Egyptologist Tour Guide Since his graduation in 1993 as this was his major at University, his long experience in leading groups of different travel interests and his talent in innovation of new travel ventures has led him with other travel colleagues to start their own Travel company Named Egyptian Educational Travel in 2006.

EET TEAM: Romani Gaballa is leading a group of 10 travel professionals, who are university graduates, having a good academic travel background, with extended studies in travel & hospitality and business administration, besides serving in many non-profit organizations (NGOs) of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Their studies and long experience and connections have formed their strong base for establishing and managing a very successful & unique travel company.


Larry Alderink:

  • Education:

B.A., Calvin College (1962), M.A. (University of Chicago), Ph.D. University of Chicago (1974).

  • Experience:
    * Professor of Comparative Religion, Concordia College, 1969 - 2005 .
    * International education in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt.
    * Has led more than ten international education seminars to multiple locations.