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The Nile Valley in Nubia & Egypt is a fascinating place with its natural beauty, ancient temples, wonderful people with their unique traditions and great hospitality.

Egypt Edu Travel offers travel experiences to the Egyptian & Sudanese Nubia with great exposure to the people and the culture as well as its unique history and natural beauty as well as the Highlights of Egypt including a Nile Cruise.


This legendary Greek Orthodox St. Catherine Monastery is one of the oldest places of worship in the world.

Founded in the 4th century, the monastery stands on the site where Moses saw the burning bush. When you visit, it’s possible to see a living descendant of that very bush.

The walled monastery complex includes a fortress, chapel, the 6th century Church of the Transfiguration and monastic buildings. The monastery was never attacked, so its famous library of rare manuscripts, priceless icons, reliquaries and artworks is complete.

Towering 2,285 meters (7,495 feet) above the monastery is Mount Sinai. For many, the trek to the summit is the highlight of a visit to the monastery, either by following the camel trail or climbing the Steps of Repentance. At the top you’ll be rewarded by spectacular views, plus the knowledge that you are standing on the spot where Moses received the Ten Commandments