Agritourist and Culinary Tours

We have conducted many tours with basic interest in agriculture, visiting olive farms, vineyards, olive oil factories, herbs fields, and packing factories. Learn about desert development, cattle and chicken nurseries and farms, and much more. You also can stay on a farm and enjoy for a night and enjoy great hospitality.

Art and Archeology Tours

These are travel experienced to archeological sites truly off the beaten path. Beyond the well-known highlights such as the pyramids and the Nile Valley, there are many undiscovered treasures the Land of the Pharaohs has yet to offer to lovers of archaeology! You will have the whole site for yourself, make your own explorations, and truly enjoy its beauty and serenity. On this tour, we offer special permits to restricted archeological sites such as the workers village of the Pyramids, at the feet of the Sphinx, special entry to the Great Pyramid or the Giza area , or the Egyptian Museum after the work hours.

Oasis Trips & Cultural Experiences

Egyptians have long history with a great mix of different traditions which was acquired from many Invaders which survived for thousands of years. At Edu Travel Egypt, we offer cultural visits to locals in their locations from rural villages to urban homes in towns to Bedouin and ethnic remote communities in the desert. You can attend religious festivals, see local crafts and learn from them first-hand about their daily lives.

Old Palaces & Medieval Homes Tours

As Egypt once was the Super Power in the Ancient world, the Middle ages and again became a great power in the Middle East in the early 19th Century under Mohammed Ali the Great, we have a huge Heritage of Royal Palaces and Old Rich Homes from the Middle Ages, Our Tours offers access to many of these Palaces which some of them are still closed for Public and need a special permission. Joining one of our Tours will introduce you to many beautiful Palaces, Throne Rooms, Famous Kings & Queens Beds as well as Royal Gardens.