Cairo is the largest city in Egypt, and also the largest in the Arab world. Located in the northwest corner of the country, it is situated along the banks of the Nile River just south of the Nile Delta area, where the river splits into two forks. Its easy access to water systems have allowed Cairo to grow into a thriving city, from its beginnings as a royal enclosure for the Caliphs, to its role as an imperial capital, to its present state as the capital of modern day Egypt.

Today, Cairo is a vibrant city with numerous distinct neighborhoods and regions, and plays such an important role in Egypt's continuing development that, although its official name is Al-Qahira, it is informally referred to by natives as Masr, the Egyptian Arabic word for "Egypt".

The name Cairo as the Capital of Egypt dates back to the 10th Century when the Fatimaid Dynsaty ( Followers of St. Fatima, the daughter of the Profit Mohamed) has occupied Egypt coming from Morocco.

The City is considered as an open-air Museum, houses archaeological sites varies from the Pyramids 4500 years ago through the Coptic, Islamic periods with its Ancient Churches and Mosques. The Modern period since Mohamed Ali came to power in 1805 and had changed the face of Egypt.

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Once was the Capital of Egypt for almost 1000 years under the Greeks and the Romans since it was founded by the Greeks in the 3rd Century BC until the Arab took over the City in 643 AD.

The City is the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo and is considered the main port of Egypt. it is housing a lot of attractions including the 15th Century Fortress of Sultan Qait-Bay which was built in the same place of the Ancient Lighthouse of Pharos, also Roman Cata-Combs, the National Museum, the Greco-Romani Museum and the Pompey 's Pillar and of course the New Library of Alexandria.

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