“A visit to Egypt is often high on people’s list of “One in a Lifetime” things to see and do as it was with us also. It is normal when visiting such an important location in the world, to hope that everything goes extra well since the For our trip we could not have been more pleased with the tour experience. The itinerary was well thought out, the accommodations excellent, the historical sites breathtaking, and the guidance provided by Romani and his staff second to none. We were conducted throughout with a professionalism that could not have been improved upon, while experiencing the history of the region be it Christian, Moslem, or from the times of the Pharaohs, across the country from Cairo to Luxor to Sinai and back. Romani’s ability to adjust the itinerary to avoid the crowds, while ensuring that he explained the relevance of each site visited, was outstanding. We would recommend the services of Egyptian Educational Travel and Romani to those who want to experience the very best tour experience of Egypt. Thank you Romani.” Regards,

“Romani is exceptional. He embodies both gracious hospitality and meticulous planning. His wide-ranging knowledge and love for all things Egyptian is evident in all that he does. He works exceedingly well with students and is simply remarkable in every regard.”

“As someone who has traveled extensively throughout the world, I can recommend Egyptian Educational Travel Services as the best in the field.  Romani Gaballa and his team tailor-make an exceptional educational experience.  Logistical details are superbly handled — without a single hitch.  And to top it off, the tours are provided with careful personal attention.  You’ll not be disappointed with the services of Egyptian Educational Travel Services!”

“Having led and organized over 25 educational trips to the Middle East I can state from first hand experience that the experience our university recently had with Egyptian Educational Travel rates as the best organized, highest quality, and finest overall educational experience I have had. Our group of 43 (37 of whom were students) is still telling me what a phenomenal impact the trip had on their lives. Most are asking me: “when can we go again?” They are quick to add, ” We must have Romani as our travel guide—that’s a must.” I strongly recommend that other universities, churches, and civic organizations consider a visit to Egypt with EET.”

Mr. Romani Gaballa and Egyptian Educational Travel have provided six programs over the four years to Concordia College.  We expect to work with our colleagues at EET on many more programs.  Mr. Gaballa teaches our students with great energy and vast knowledge.  He leads with delight in every aspect of the program and shows interest in every participant.  Mr. Gaballa works extremely hard to accommodate special requests and is skillful at designing coherent and workable programs.  He and his colleagues excel in all aspects of educational travel and create outstanding learning opportunities for our students.

“I have used EET for group travel on two occasions and would not hesitate to use their travel services again.  Romani was available and helpful at every step in the planning process, making suggestions while remaining flexible to address our particular group needs.  His expertise in Egyptian history and culture is formidable and his commitment to making Egypt a positive travel experience is unwavering.  I highly recommend Egyptian Educational Travel and Romani Gaballa for planning and execution of any travel to Egypt”.

“After working with Mr. Romani Gaballa and Egyptian Education Travel, I have recommended him multiple times to my colleagues.  Not only does Mr. Gaballa provide an excellent logistical experience, but his knowledge of Egyptian history and culture that he weaves into the experience makes him more than just a travel company.  I am also particularly impressed with his professionalism, management of logistics, and local expertise on making things happen.  We continue to work with Egyptian Educational travel to bring 20+ professors to Egypt and I would not do this trip or any trip to Egypt, without the help of Mr. Gaballa.  When we work with Egyptian Education Travel and Mr. Romani Gaballa, we never have to worry and we always have a great experience”.

“My company, the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA, has had the opportunity and good fortune to work with Egyptian Educational Travel (EET) and Mr. Romani Gaballa since 2010.  Mr. Gaballa’s professionalism and expertise – in pricing, logistics, scheduling and overall event management and travel coordination – have made our multiple annual group trips to Cairo and Egypt both wonderful and life-changing experiences.  Our upcoming trip with 20+ professors and businesspeople in January 2017 is our next professional trip with EET and Mr. Gaballa, and like all the others, will be a fantastic event for our group”.

For nearly a decade Group Travel Directors has worked with Romani Gaballa and Egyptian Educational Travel on custom-designed special interest group tours.  He provides good quality and good value as well as a willingness to go the extra mile to meet our clients’ special requests.  Romani is committed to effective collaboration carried out with integrity and warmth.   We are always happy with the results of our partnering and, most importantly, our travelers are!

I have used Egyptian Education Travel and have known Romani Gaballa for many years now!  When you choose a receptive company and ground operator in a destination such as Egypt, you HAVE to know they have absolutely everything booked perfectly!  Well, that’s Romani!  Every detail of every tour has always been handled exactly as needed!  This is a great company that can deliver everything you need for your clients in Egypt!