Our In-Bound Department is “Your Overseas Office”

EET is your OVERSEAS OFFICE in Egypt as we are a dedicated local travel agent to our partner- Tour Operators around the world, we serve each one as he is the only tour operator we have, helping them increase their travelers to Egypt, through the good work, integrity and professionalism “please check for yourself what they say about us, page Our Growth is a word of Mouth”
As all of us have been leading tours for so many years, we excel in everything we do, Selecting hotels, restaurants, timing/route of the tours, and most of all, best suppliers around Egypt.

You can enjoy the following advantages:

  1. We offer excellent quotes with the highest attention to details. 
  2. We work behind the scene under your name.
  3. We can have name badges with your company Logo & Name.
  4. We work as your local Office in Egypt. 
  5. We do our best to make every client of every Tour Operator comes to Egypt that makes him feel very special through our excellent care and the personal touch we add to every service we extend to your clients. 
  6. Our service exceeds far beyond what is written in the itinerary. 
  7. All travel related services :
    1. VIP Meet & Greet with the necessary assistance.
    2. All transfers to/from ports & Airports.
    3. All tickets, flights, trains, buses, ferries as well as walking tours.
    4. Hotels, cruises reservations, and camping arrangements.
    5. Tours while in Egypt to all sights or internationally through our agents. Escorted by professional archaeologists and  guides
    6. Conferences, Meeting rooms & Banquets 
  8. Edu Travel Egypt has a lot to offer regardless of what is the goal of your visit, leisure, educational, faith, music, and performance or business travel. If you do not have a plan for what you want to do, EDU TRAVEL EGYPT professionals have many ready tour itineraries that have been tailored for previous groups or they will help plan your own travel itinerary to fulfill your goals and wishes.
  9. We have the long experience to tailor-make the right ventures, making all arrangements and contacts. Either with universities, national and international companies, religious foundations and government organizations, NGO’s, embassies, and even art galleries & cooking classes.