Egypt is an open air museum for religious archeological heritage for Christians, Muslims, and Jews, Egypt is gifted with its ancient churches, Jewish synagogues, and grand mosques. Beautiful art and lovely people at all these sites welcome guests and visitors. Edu Travel Egypt has excellent itineraries which combine beautiful sights and exposure to the people either through a missionary work, interfaith dialogue, and meetings with Muslim and Christian clergy as well as viewing old manuscripts and religious architecture, all of which enriches your trip with memories for a lifetime.  Join one of our experienced Christian Egyptologists and explore many venues of faith found only in Egypt.

Faith Travel / The Holy Family Journey

The Coptic Monasteries Journey

Monasticism has been founded and still flowering in Egypt has started by St. Anthony, founder of monasticism and father of all monks who lived in the early 4th century AD. Monasticism has attracted many princes and princesses of the Roman Empire and still attract many people nowadays. Visiting monasteries in Egypt, not only seeing ancient churches and shrines with beautiful icons or frescos and mosaics but a journey to discover different depths for the human soul, a journey of faith beyond the visible materialistic world, you will discover this through many visits with different monks, bishops and priests while learning about their daily routine and why they have left their jobs, posts and normal lifestyle to choose a life of solitude in remote locations. We will inquire into their life-styles and seek to discover their reasons for their commitment and goals. You are escorted by a Christian tour professional, but you will also hear and learn first-hand from the monks themselves!