Faith Travel / The Holy Family Journey

The Holy family Journey is documented in a 4th century papyrus manuscript based on earlier accounts tracing the story back to the Apostolic Era.  Due to the Coptic period of Egyptian history, many churches and monasteries have been built to mark the places where the feet of our Lord Jesus stepped. Fortunately, many of these are still standing in great shape, and moreover, are functioning and inhabited by monks or priests and a Christian population. Egypt Ministry of Tourism with the Vatican has approved the Route of the Holy Family and has prepared it for visitors. Join us in a Journey of Faith, following the Foot Steps of Christ in one of the most ancient kingdoms, once a superpower. Our Christian tour professionals have many more interesting stories not mentioned in books told in these blessed places derived from the locals.

Regards the increasing interest in the Holy family Trip in Egypt, The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism with the co-operation of the Vatican and the Coptic Orthodux Church are giving a great attention to the development and the revival of this Holy Route following the footsteps of Jesus & the Virgin Mary in Egypt.

Join us to walk where Jesus walked and also marvel the Egyptian historical sights, just as Jesus did two thousands years ago.