Ancient Egyptians have named the region to its south as (Noub or Neb) which means Gold, the origin of the modern name Nubia.  Nubia has always been part of Egypt, and they have adopted to the ancient Egyptian way of life, religion, and culture as a province loyal to Egypt as the title Governor of Nubia appeared since the Pyramids age. Even when the Nubian had the power and invaded Egypt and founded the 25th Dynasty, they revived and nourished the ancient Egyptian traditions.

The Nile Valley in Nubia & Egypt is a fascinating place with its natural beauty, ancient temples, wonderful people with their unique traditions and great hospitality.

Egypt Edu Travel offers travel experiences to the Egyptian & Sudanese Nubia with great exposure to the people and the culture as well as its unique history and natural beauty as well as the Highlights of Egypt including a Nile Cruise.

Day 1 Overnight Flight to Cairo

Flying over across the Atlantic, overnight flight

Day2 Cairo

Arrive at Cairo airport and welcomed by Egypt Edu Travel rep. at the airport, finish the visa passport and formalities and drive to the hotel and overnight.

Day 3 Abu Simbel

Fly to Abu Simbel, check into the Nubian eco Lodge, then visit the Temples of Abu Simbel and return for lunch at the Lodge and free afternoon.

Evening, visit to the unique Sound & Light Show at Abu Simbel, return to the Nubian Lodge for dinner & overnight.

Day 4 Abu Simbel – Wadi Halfa

After Breakfast we check out and Ferry across into Wadi Halfa Port, Sudan and visit Nagaa, muswarat and MEROE PYRAMIDS

DAY 5 Karima

Attend sunrise at the pyramids, breakfast, visit the Royal city, and drive to Aldamer town crossing Bayouda desert lunch in the way late noon visit Nuri Pyramids then overnight karima.

Day 6 Dongola

Hike jebel Albarkal at sunrise, visit Mut temple, Amon temple, lunch at Karima local market. Then visit Elkurru Napatan cemetery and Petrified Forest then. Drive for the overnight at the ruins of old Dongola Christian kingdom dunes.

Day 7 Tumbus

Drive Dongola town lunch in the visit Nubian Houses stop for tea or coffee with locals, visit kerma civilization complex and museum overnight in a Nubian house at Tumbus.

DAY 8 Soleb

Drive north visit the ancient rock drawings at sebu and fourth cataract lunch at a local restaurant Nile Purch then drive to Wawa cross the Nile there visit jebel DOSHA, Sedinga temple and soleb temple. Overnight.

Day 9 Wadi Halfa

Drive to Wadi Halfa in the way visit sai island and sheikh Idris magnificent tomb late noon arrival to Wadi Halfa hotel. Next day transfer to the borders.

Day 10 Nile Cruise Aswan

Cross to Abu Simbel and continue to Aswan, check into the Nile Cruise. Afternoon visit to the Nubian village and a house and learn about life and culture of the Egyptian Nubians.

And overnight.

Day 11 Nile Cruise Edfu

Visit Aswan high Dam, Philae Temple, Sail Boat Ride and Sail to Kom Ombo. Visit the Temple of Kom Ombo and continue sailing to Edfu & Overnight.

Day 12 Nile Cruise Luxor

Visit the Temple of Edfu and sail all the way into Esna Lock and overnight at Luxor.

Day 13 Nile Cruise Luxor

Visit the Valley of Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Colossi of Memnon and return to the Nile Cruise for Lunch.

Afternoon visit the Temples of Karnak, Nubian King Taharqa Hall of Columns, and the Temple of Luxor then overnight on board the Nile Cruise.

Day 14 Cairo

Fly back to Cairo, visit the Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo churches and check into the hotel and overnight.

Day 15 Cairo

Visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, then drive to the Step Pyramid of Sakkara, with lunch and then drive back to the hotel and overnight.

Day 16 flight home

Departure to Cairo airport and fly home, Enriched with a lifetime experience.

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